2011 Is Closing and 2012 is Opening the Doors…

Did Josh Linkner just read FLINCH too?

Beaten, but never down.

Did he read my blog? (I wish I were so lucky!)

Maybe there is something about the ending of a year and start of a new one that gives us the chance for reflection on the Good, The Bad, and the Not So Great moments.

In most sports there is the “Best of 2011” moments, golf is no different. Here is the Golf Channel 2011 wrap up.

From a business perspective, I am in the midst of a 2011 wrap-up of sorts as well. Not just for tax purposes, but strategic as well.

Additionally, I think most folks also do a personal review of the previous year; what worked, what didn’t, what we’d like to change and what we want to keep going strong in 2012.

So, it was ironic to read Josh Linkner’s post about get the wind knocked out of you. It’s a common theme I’ve been reflecting on for a month now, and my previous blog : How Often Do I Flinch? Followed by a commentary on the sad amount of leisure spend which is spent on golf for 2010.

So it’s fitting that Mr. Linkner’s blog falls into sync with these items. Why? Well, because, we all get a knock-out punch at some point. It can be in business, in our personal lives, on the golf course, or sometimes all three. It’s how we get back up from that punch that defines us. It is the actions of rebound after the punch that truly highlight the motivation, ambition, and clarity that lies within each person.

I would strongly suggest reading Josh Linkner’s post and enjoying the reflection that follows the read.




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