Don’t Be That Golfer – Excuses Guy

“It wasn’t my idea, I was basically dragged to it.” – John Beckwith played by Owen Wilson, “Wedding Crashers”

Don’t Be That Golfer – Excuses Guy

Own your poor golfing, and play for fun instead!

No excuses allowed please!

“The economy is bad, I can’t get a new club and I just can’t hit with this one.”

“This course is always in bad condition.”

“I can never play when it’s rainy/windy/sunny/cloudy/clear skies like this!”

“It’s too hot!”

“It’s too cold!”

“These new shoes are killing me and I can tell it’s already throwing off my game.”

Fur shizzle? Are you serious guy?

You want to know the reason why I’m doing poorly on the course today? Well, to be frank, it’s because I STINK as a golfer! My golf skills are not good at all. I’m not consistant, I don’t spend enough time practicing, and I simply have not made it a Top 5 Priority in my life right now to get better.

I’ll be honest about another thing too – Excuses Guy – YOU SUCK TOO! You play four times a year and have no time for practice, you work 80 hours a week and have a family. OR you simply don’t want to put the time in to be a better golfer.


No upswing in the stock market or down turn in the temperature will change the fact that you are truly, just a bad golfer. You stink on sunny days just as much as you stink on windy and rainy days. Heck! You could probably play in the snow and ice and STILL shoot the same and lose just as many balls!

Stop making excuses to yourself and your foursome and own it. You stink, there’s nothing else to it.

I own it. I go out and play and the group that I’m with already knows we are in for a bit of a fun day! Will I play the best golf of my life? Maybe. Will I play poorly? Probably! Will we all have fun, catch up and enjoy the weather? DEFINITELY!

On the flip side – I don’t join competitive leagues or sign up for big money outings. Out of respect for others and because I know my limits.

I’m an occassional golfer – I play occassionally but always have fun. I’m not competitive, I don’t take lessons, I don’t read the greens for 20 minutes or throw grass in the air to gauge the wind. I usually always hit with the “wrong” club. This is the type of golfer I am; take it or leave it. But I will never tell you that my shot shanked way right because .. “I just can’t believe the condition of the tee box!”

No folks, my shot shanked way right because I’m not a very good golfer and probably bent my elbow way the heck back when I was supposed to keep it straight. Or is it vice versa?

Damn. Lost another ball.


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