Don’t Be That Golfer – Free Rider

In honor of some very cool guys I know, I am going to startup a relatively regular blog post titled “Don’t Be That Golfer” based on the “Don’t Be That Guy” concept.

It’s official now! Dave, Jeff & Bob you guys are so cool, your being copied! INSTANT FAME!

“My name is John Johnson but everyone here calls me Vicki.” – John Johnson as played by Phil Hartman in So I Married an Axe Murderer

Don’t Be That Golfer – Free Rider

1920s postcard of angry golfer

No money or luck for golf!

These are the folks that sign up for a golf trip with a group, then proceed to bitch and moan with every dime and nickel they are being asked to spend. Or they may even start out the conversation with “I can only go if it’s under $100”.

Dude. If you can’t spend more than $100 on a golf vacation, then you should NOT BE GOING ON A GOLF VACATION!

Vacations cost money.

Golf costs money.

Eating while you are not at home costs money.

Sleeping somewhere other than your own bed costs money.

Gas to get there costs money.

You being a crappy golfer and betting that you’ll beat your buddies on the course will cost you A LOT of money.

If you don’t have money, then you should not go. End of story.

But not so.

In today’s day and age of discounts, sales, and the concept of never paying retail (which in most cases, I also subscribe to) there is a misconception taking place.

The misconception is that I should be able to get whatever I want for $0 or darn near close to it. The idea that manufacturers of a product, widget, service, hotel room, golf course, etc. should be so honored that I am choosing to grace them with my presence; they should almost PAY ME for using their product or service.

NEWSFLASH : You are not Kim Kardashian or Michael Jordan or Oprah. Hell, you’re probably not even related to Dave Bing!

There is a HUGE difference between wanting everything FOR FREE and having a BUDGET. Having a budget means that although I think I’d like to purchase a Dyson vacuum cleaner, I just can’t stomach shelling out $600 for a vacuum cleaner. So I bargain hunt, and search, maybe use a coupon and end up spending $299 for a vacuum cleaner that may not be Dyson brand name, but is recommended from Consumer Reports.

It’s not free – but it’s WITHIN MY BUDGET.

Now BUDGET Golf Vacations – well, that’s right up my alley! Talk to me about some realistic expectations and a budget, and I can help you out! So can your buddies, so can those golf courses and lodging facilities. But if you insist on playing True North, one of the most gorgeous courses in Northern Michigan, and staying on-site one night for $59 and you won’t pay a penny more, well good luck with that. Enjoy sitting at home watching the Golf Channel.


Free Golf, unlimited to YOU!

Golf for Free at this course!


I’ll let you in on a secret. The moment your golf group figures out that you are the non-paying golfer/complainer, they will drop you like a hot potato. And in most cases, so will your trip coordinator.


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