Beginner Golf, for Real!

Kids Golf Ideas and Outdoor Fun

Golfing with kids doesn't have to always include discipline

Trying to find age appropriate golf-like activities for toddlers is very difficult. Typically you will only see the “Tiger Woods Method” out there. I figured that for those of us who are just trying to gain interest in our young in’s vs. build them a golf empire – there has to be another way! I found a great little tidbit in the recent issue of Parent’s Magazine. However, in trying to use technology to actually LINK it out to The Masses, I was stymied. I resorted to a scan and publish method – so I apologize for any grainy-ness in the photo.

However, the article gives some SUPER ways to engage younger folks in golf, get your kids outside and have some fun as summer begins to wind down and the school bells ring in the distance.

After all, not all of us have a full set of toddler size clubs at the age of 3…some of us just like to play for fun, not always play for an empire.

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