Could You Tell Me…

Excuse me Mr. Professional, but could you tell me…?

  1. If the ball falls off the tee in the fairway, are you allowed to re-tee it?
  2. If your mulligan is not used on the front nine, can you use it on the back?
  3. Is the penalty for a whiff, stroke and distance?
  4. Are you allowed to play a lost ball?
  5. Are summer rules not in effect when the temperature goes below 40 degrees?
  6. Can you ask a fellow competitor your score if you’ve lost count?
  7. Does the 19th hole have to be played in sequence?
  8. What happens if you swing at the ball, miss it, and then find out it is not yours?

*collected over a 35 year period.

– Dr. Gary Wiren is in the PGA Hall of Fame, World Golf Teachers Hall of Fame and is Director of Instruction for all Trump Golf Properties. For video tips, a history show, and to be able to connect with the largest learning aids company, Golf Around the World.

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