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This month we start a series of instruction with one of the golf world’s top instructors and most respected gentlemen of the game. He can tell a pretty good story, too. Dr. Wiren spent 20 years in Japan establishing golf schools across the country and has been in demand as an instructor from non-other than Donald Trump and Bill Gates. One of his best qualities though is that he makes a 20 handicapper that makes $40,000 a year feel just as important as Donald Trump when giving instruction or just talking a little golf. We hope you will enjoy what Gary brings to us each month. We are fortunate to have him share with us, just a small portion of his warehouse of knowledge of the game of golf. We thought we would kick off the series with a look at the lighter side of golf. Enjoy.

“One of the regular duties for a golf professional is to give clinics, some of them free, like the ones before ladies day and men’s day teeing off. Those clinics may include a couple of rules as reminders to the players on what to do when faced with certain situations. A professional friend of mine had been doing this for thirty years and compiled a list of questions that he has been asked during the course of his career. Here they are.”

– Dr. Gary Wiren

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